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4 Amenities You Absolutely Need for a Tech Office Space

By June 30, 2020February 25th, 2022No Comments

Let’s face it: innovative ideas don’t bloom in a drab cubicle farm. Leaders of the top tech companies and startups realize that one of the most effective ways to stay on the cutting edge is to give employees and clients a workspace on par with the company’s ingenuity. When establishing a high tech, cohesive work environment, deciding what amenities to include can feel like an overwhelming task. Here are four amenities we think every tech office space should include.

1. Fitness Center

There is no doubt that a healthy body is connected to a healthy mind. Exercising before, after, or during work hours has been proven to increase productivity and spark creativity at the source. But, you shouldn’t settle for just any run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter gym.

At Canyon Park, we offer a state of the art fitness center with free weights, a yoga studio, cardio equipment, and outdoor sport courts. Nothing beats the Monday blues and instills a solid sense of well-being like a little pickup game of pickleball or basketball on our outdoor courts or a reflective stroll down the beautiful Murdock Canal Trail that runs through our campus.

2. Good Food

Eating well is a critical goal in maintaining a positive attitude in a tech office. Forget the crinkled potato chips from the vending machine. We offer our tenants a variety of high quality, convenient food options.

Whether it’s a quick bite from one of our food trucks that gather daily in the food truck court, or a beautifully crafted meal from our café that is partnered with the UV Culinary Institute, we believe you shouldn’t have to try too hard to find something delicious.

3. Lounges

It comes as no surprise that sometimes stress is just part of the job in the tech industry. With everything and everyone moving at hyper-speed to stay ahead of the game, it’s easy for workers to feel the effects of that pressure.

Providing cozy corners and lounges to relax in should not be considered an amenity, but rather a necessity. We often find our tenants curled up in a hammock in the hammock garden, unwinding in the HUB on a cozy couch, or looking out at the beautiful landscape from one of our outdoor gardens.

4. Presentation Space

There is nothing more convenient for your clients and team members than to have a professional presentation space to pitch ideas and host educational sessions. Having access to a large presentation space on a tech campus eliminates the hassle of booking a venue and arranging travel for your team and clients, and it mitigates any unexpected faux pas that may come up in an outsourced, rented space.

We offer not just one, but two auditoriums for our tenants. At Canyon Park, you will have access to a 400-seat, theatre-style auditorium and a 175-seat, conference-style auditorium, depending on your specific presentation needs. These auditoriums come fully equipped with audio, internet, and projection technology.

Is Location an Amenity?

Thinking about where to plant your tech office and team requires a great deal of consideration of the location. Our tenants enjoy breathtaking views from our campus nestled within the lush Provo Canyon, just minutes from world-class sights and destinations.

At the end of the day, deciding what is best for your tech team comes down to where your company places its priorities. Visit us at Canyon Park, where we strive to make our tech campus an innovative and beautiful destination for our tenants and their clients.

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